Pre sale

€ 1 000 000

Soft cap

€ 5 000 000

Hard cap

€ 20 000 000

Fixed interest


Profit Sharing

Gross Profit Model (up to 15%)

We accept: Fiat currencies, ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH

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Crypto Exchange by Cybersecurity Professionals

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Military grade hardware and banking grade software to provide Fort Knox-like environment for traders.


Powerful matching engine, AI-assisted KYC, strong scalability, and 24/7 customer support for better trading experience.


The most friendly UX interface to satisfy early crypto adopters and sandboxed environment for trading experiments of proficient traders.


Fully regulated exchange platform with industry-leading AML procedures and immutable blockchain solutions.

We are Rokkex

We think Crypto Trading should be Secure and Easy. Do you?

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Security Features

Open Bug Bounty

Self-hosted bug bounty program to engage ethical hackers in search of vulnerabilities.

3rd-Party Pentests

Regular security audits from top security companies to further improve application security.

Secure Cold Storage

Industry-leading Cold Storage solution utilizing Hardware Security Modules (HSM) to ensure asset security.

Strict Internal Policies

A set of documented guidelines to mitigate an internal threat: data leakage, malware infection, etc.

Technology Stack

Our Team

Principal Engineer
Daniel Stenger
Full Stack Developer
Arnas Milasevicius


UX/UI Designer
Martynas Kairys


DevOps Engineer
Arturas Radzevicius
DevOps Engineer
Audrius Blazevicius
Systems Engineer
Justas Krikstaponis


General Counsel
Marius Kailius
Legal Counsel
Kristupas Bagdonavicius
Graphic Designer
Vaidas Bakanas
Content Strategist
Katherine Lysenko
Community Manager
Agne Elena Jonelyte 
Comms Specialist
Darata Svedarauskaite
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